[NTLK] Memory card and backup

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Feb 14 16:29:00 PST 2022

> I have a memory card that shows up on the E-Mate when plugged in with the
message that this type of
> card is not supported and will be available only as read-only.
> The interesting thing is that there is a previous Newton backup on the
card from February 2006,
> and the E-Mate asks me if I want to restore from it.

It might be that this is a backup from a 2x00. A 2x00 Newton can write to
cards like this whereas an eMate can't.
I think you can restore a 2x00 backup to an eMate. I dimly remember having
tried it ages ago, and it worked. Kind of.

> The card does have a write-protect switch, but it appears to make no
difference which position it is in.

The write-protect switch doesn't matter in this case. The card is read-only
in eMates since it needs a voltage for writing
that the eMate can't provide, but the 2x00 can.


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