[NTLK] Einstein (x64) Version Works OK with NCU via TCP (Ralph)

Ralph ralph at fladda.plus.com
Tue Feb 8 13:27:13 PST 2022


Hmmm... As you have already found, NTK161 does not seem to run on x64 
versions of Windows (e.g. 2008 SP2). NTK seems to install OK on x64.

But when NTK161 is run, it appears for a couple of seconds and then 
exits. Whereas NCU does run on x64 PCs.

I'll try running NTK161 on a VM running a 32-bit version (i.e. 2003) and 
see it I can connect it via TCP to Einstein on another VM running x64 
(i.e. 2008 SP2).


> Thanks for that long and detailed description. I assume that the same setup works for \
> using NTK on Windows to run and edit apps on Einstein.

> - Matthias

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