[NTLK] Einstein and NewtonScript Development

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Feb 8 12:34:53 PST 2022

I just installed the newest Einstein version on my Windows computer. All I
had to do for that was download a zip file from GitHub, unpack the only file
that's in it, and double-click it. And tadaaa... After telling Einstein
where to find the ROM, I had it running on my Windows computer, along with a
convenient button to install new packages. That couldn't possibly be easier.

I then fired up the Newton Toolkit and started implementing NewtTest updates
and changes that have been on my to do list for the last two decades or so.
NTK will build a pkg file whenever you type <Control>1, and this file can be
either fed into Einstein or into a physical Newton by means of the NTK
inspector. I mostly use Einstein, since it's much faster, but it was
convenient to have a physical 2100 nearby to ensure things also work on real

This. Is. So. Incredibly. Cool.

NewtonScript software development has just reached a new level. At least for
me. I raise my hat to all those smart people who made Einstein possible. I
wish I had a fraction of your software skills.


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