[NTLK] Newton 130 date fix

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Wed Dec 28 07:50:50 PST 2022

> I was recently given a still working MessagePad 130. I've read some info
> a date fix patch for eMates and MP2x00s, Do any of those patches work with
> the 130?

These patches do not work with the 130. But there's Avi's Fix2010 package,
which you should already have if you downloaded the UNNA archives. You might
want to search for the file name fix2010.pkg.
This package has a small drawback: You need to set the time again whenever
your Newton was reset.

You might want to make sure to fix the 130's most frequent defects while it
hasn't yet started acting up on you:


Don't hope your new friend will be the exception to the rule. There are no
exceptions. Your 130 will start playing dead when it's most inconvenient.
It's only a matter of time.

Note that Dr. Newton, who is frequently mentioned on the page above, hasn't
surfaced for many years. Many people, including yours truly, have tried to
reach him, but without success.


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