[NTLK] eMate 300 upgrades for sale?

Alan Grassia alan.grassia at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 17:18:56 PDT 2022

Hello Han,

Checking with the fine folks on this list is a good way to find memory cards.

I have had some luck scouring eBay for individual Apple cards that show up from time to time.  I have an Apple 4MB card in my eMate.  The part number on the back of the card is HO230Z/A.  I have purchased "for parts" Newtons just to get their accessories, including Apple or third-party cards.

I also did purchase a card from an eBay seller that had Intel IMC004FLSA-15 4MB cards for sale.  It was expensive when I bought it in 2021.  They are more expensive now.  At $53 a card, this would not be my first choice.


The connect the eMate 300 to your M1 Mac, you are going to need three parts.  The first is the easiest, a USB-C to USB-A adapter.  I'm using the first-party Apple adapter.  It's expensive compared to what can be found on Amazon, but, I'm an Apple snob.  I prefer Apple first-party cables when possible.  No apologies.  : )

Next, you are going to need a USB-A to RS232 male cable or adapter with the FTDI chipset built in.  There are some options available, such as:



The final section of the cable needs to be a female DB9 to Mini Din 8 male cable.  The mini Din 8 will connect to the eMate 300.

I have an original Apple cable that was included with my Newton Message Pad 2000.  The Apple part number on the cable is 590-0964.   Again, the fine folks on the list maybe be able to help with sourcing a cable.  If you have the skills for it, you should be able to make your own cable.  I haven't looked into that option as I do not have the skills to build my own data cables.

I hope that this has been at least somewhat helpful and that you are able to find a card and the correct cables to connect to your M1 Mac.

Once you have the cables to connect to the eMate 300, you will want to download a copy of Newton Research's Newton Connection (NCX) 3.0 software from:

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