[NTLK] Wireless Charging

Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 20:05:28 PDT 2022

A belated thank you, PCBman. 

>For full charging to occur you need a voltage between 5.6v and 7.5v.

Great, I set my voltage regulator to exactly 7.00v, hoping that will work.

>I don't know what boost circuit you are using but there are a number available on \
>Amazon that would fit just fine.

This is the one I bought: https://bit.ly/38uvJGu <https://bit.ly/38uvJGu> It’s too big, I just barely managed to get the case closed with a slight bulge. I guess since the current will be quite low I could try a smaller one.

>Also, in order that you don't trash your Newt, you need to limit the boost output to \
>7.5v with a zener or you will end up killing the charging circuit. 

Oops, I forgot this step. I had to look up what a zener is, diode, understood. 

However, I did install the circuit and the Newt reports “charging” without it. I probably won’t leave it for too long, since I don’t want to fry it, but I’m happy to report that it does seem to recognize the presence of a charging voltage being supplied (I wired it to the barrel plug solder points) and the indication on-screen changes from “Battery” to “Charging.”

One note: the little bar graph seems to disappear when it changes to “charging,” I’m not sure what that means since usually on the adapter it shows the progress.

In all I am happy that this, in theory, works. However I should probably take it off the charger for now for the reasons you mentioned, specifically the zener diode. I have more research to do.

Much thanks.


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