[NTLK] Anyone here interested to buy several MessagePads (condition good to excellent)?

punkt-x.de info at punkt-x.de
Wed Apr 27 00:59:17 PDT 2022

Hi friends,

I’m recipient of this list since… ? It is very long!

As I sometimes realize many of you are actively using our good old PDA.

Reading new quite negative comments about Newton and MessagePad
I believe many have never used it enough to find out it’s strength (and enormous innovation).

And I have to admit I belong to them. I tried and stopped again over the years.
(But I was missing handwriting recognition many many times and couldn’t understand Apple’s decision to kill the MP. IMHO it was OK.)

Some days ago I saw my several MessagePads (a Newton too) and now I think about selling them.
Maybe there’ s a good price to get. These are collector items.

But I want to offer them to this audience first as I know, you are really using them.

Any interest and what is your price range you could imagine.
There are at least 2 MP 2100 (perhaps one more).
One of them is excellent, NEVER used.

And different peripherals.

If there is no answer we’ll see.

It would be shipped from Germany.


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