[NTLK] eMate ROM strings (NewtonTalk)

Larry Yaeger larry.yaeger at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 14:58:03 PDT 2022

On Apr 20, 2022, at 5:24 PM, Doug <ispinn at gmail.com> wrote:
> Larry Y,
> Would there be anyone on the original team around who might have some
> insights into the behind the scenes stories on some of these strings?

I'm afraid I've lost contact with even those I was closest to, and that was the Rosetta / Mondello handwriting recognition team.  And we wouldn't know a great deal about these other strings.  Though I got a kick out of seeing "larryy", my long-standing email handle, in the mix.  I went looking for some of our Easter eggs, like the Mondello restaurant's phone number, "Hello, Worker!", "The Doctor is on.", "Hey that's me!", etc., but they're not there.  Maybe because they were generated by code and not actually registered as official strings?  Not sure.  Sorry, I wish could offer better insights.

- larryy

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