[NTLK] Getting the Newton 2000/2100 online. What's your suggestions?

Alan Grassia alan.grassia at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 08:03:01 PDT 2021

Hello Michael and Newton Friends,

Getting my MP 2000 on Wi-Fi with a Lucent WaveLAN Silver PCMCIA PC24E-H-FC is still on my to-do list.  I started Newton OS networking with a D-Link ED-660 PCMCIA card and an Ethernet Cat 6 cable.

Do you have an Ethernet card you can use to make sure that Newton Internet Enabler 2.0 is installed and configured correctly?

Is there a post on the Internet that you are following to try and get your Wi-Fi card working that we can follow along and test with?

Alan Grassia
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On 6/25/21, 10:29 AM, "NewtonTalk on behalf of Michael Rebar" <newtontalk-bounces at newtontalk.net on behalf of michael.rebar at gmail.com> wrote:

    So last few days have been trying to get the Newton online. Have several PCMCIA wifi cards now and trying them without success. 
    Most of the cards are recognized by the device and have tried several tutorials without success.
    What works for you?

    Michael Rebar


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