[NTLK] Grey Interconnect Dongles

Grant Hutchinson grant at splorp.com
Mon Jun 7 13:48:45 PDT 2021

Hi y’all.

I’m doing a bit of research for the Newton FAQ on Newton Serial Adapters (otherwise known as those infamous Interconnect dongles).

Based on the dongles in my collection, there are four variations:

Black, stamped “Taiwan N 1”
Grey, stamped “Taiwan N 2”
Black, stamped “China N 1”
Black, stamped “China N 2”

Each are shown (left to right) in these photos:


Note that the “N” in the stamped text is actually a box with a diagonal line, not a true “N” as commonly thought. The FAQ erroneously presumed that the “N 2” on the dongle referred to the “N2” code name of the MessagePad 2000.


It’s highly likely that it’s just a coincidence, since there are “N 1” dongles as well.

So, does anyone else have a grey version of the dongle?

They were made specifically for the Developer Verification Test (DVT) prototypes of the MessagePad 2000. I have one and am trying to verify a couple of details (such as which country stamped into the casing) that make the grey dongles different from the black versions that would sold to the public. I believe that all prototype and test versions of the dongle were manufactured in Taiwan, whereas the consumer versions were manufactured in China.

Thanks in advance.



Grant Hutchinson
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