[NTLK] What we want on Internal Newton Extension Module by PCBMan :)

Pawel Piotrowski newton at indigi.co.uk
Fri Dec 31 02:50:42 PST 2021

Hi Matthias,

> My functionality was:
> - USB-C connector
>    * power over USB (DC/DC stebdown to 7.2V with power limiter)
>    * charging over USB (USB-C can provide much more than 5V)
>    * data over USB-C to serial port
> - ESP32 wifi/BT module
>    * connects over the Modem port and pretends to be an actual modem
>      which makes it usable without preadding any software
>    * user can choose to connects BT to sound(?), serial, or keyboard port

I think if you, Guys (Matthias and PCBman), could make USB-C + WiFi (acting as serial port - so no additional software would be need to use it with blank Newton) that would be awesome! And I think that would be a huge improvement for our lives! No problem with connecting Newton with computers any more… Dream!

>    * ESP connects to a MicroSD Card, accessible through the rear opening
>      can be used to access a local copy of Unna
>      can be used to update software in this module

Matthias, that option for MicroSD card: Do you think that would work as ATA driver - to give us option to emulate PCMCIA memory card?

How we can support you with this project?


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