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It depends on how you implement it.
You could do away with the boost circuit if you adjust some components on the charger to give a higher output.
Certainly, connecting to the barrel jack with the correct voltage will get a result as it would be no different than connecting the power supply. Note that physically plugging the PSU in disconnects the internal supply so you would need to be careful to make sure one or the other is connected and not trying to supply the other.

A neater design would be a board that plugs in to the internal slot, includes Bluetooth and possibly other stuff too…

I may know a guy that could be looking at that… ;)


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> On Dec 23, 2021, at 4:03 PM, Noah Leon <moosefuel at gmail.com> wrote:
> So if I understand correctly, what I really need for wireless charging is a series of devices:
> Charging coil (large and inside the newt’s back)——->Charging circuit——->Step-up converter (5v to 7.5)——>Some sort of regulator to avoid frying the Newt (is this necessary if the step-up circuit more or less does it?)
> Where do I attach the apparatus to the board? Same place as the barrel connector perhaps?
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