[NTLK] 2000 not switching on

Alan Grassia alan.grassia at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 15:47:00 PDT 2021

Hello Rob, Forrest, Newton Friends,

This trick worked for me. I let a MP2000 sit for 24hrs before attempting to wake it up.

When removing AC power and batteries, I also unloaded my PC (PCMCIA) cards. 

When it was time to reload the batteries and plug in the power brick, I performed a deep reset by pressing down the Reset button on the back of the unit for 20 seconds or so.

What are the different ways to reset a Newton?

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> On Aug 31, 2021, at 8:34 AM, Rob Moody <robmoody at fundamental-learning.com> wrote:
> Hi Forrest (cool name, btw),
> Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a whirl and report back!
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>> On 31 Aug 2021, at 13:25, Forrest <newton_phoenix at mindspring.com> wrote:
>> Since no one else is volunteering a suggestion, I’ll step up.
>> Remove all power from the unit—this includes ac and any battery power. Allow the Newton to sit this way for a minimum of several hours.
>> Reconnect/restore the power supplies (as appropriate), now try to power it up.
>> Hope this helps.
>> Mahalo,
>> Forrest
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>>>> On Aug 31, 2021, at 4:35 AM, Rob Moody <robmoody at fundamental-learning.com> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Just a call out into the list…have a newly acquired 2000 (after selling mine after hit with COVID layoff)…and it just doesn’t switch on at the power slide switch, with original power pack nor AA battery sled…have tried to clean contacts with pencil eraser, isopropyl…but no go.
>>> Suggestions?
>>> Also sent an email to Frank via his site (as he was so helpful to me many years ago) but haven’t heard back…is he okay and doing well?
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