[NTLK] Advancing the "Defying Gravity" legacy

Forrest newton_phoenix at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 25 03:26:06 PDT 2021


If you go into the NTLK archives and do a search using the name of the company I think you are referring to, you’ll find that in the past many had the same experiences you did (if not most). Some were not so fortunate in that they either never received the products they purchased, and/or did not receive any refunds.

I recall a time on NTLK when some were so angry over these experiences that very sharp words were used both in description of the transaction and the seller. What was interesting to me was that in some cases the transactions went exactly as expected and there were happy customers. But that was generally the exception.

I’m sorry to hear that this is still going on and that you were an apparent victim. While most of us then knew better based on all this, it was usually always the individual who was unaware that was ensnared.


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