[NTLK] Problem with connecting my eMate to my Mac

Fabrice Braun newton at fabricebraun.de
Sat Aug 29 08:28:56 EDT 2020

Hi Sylvian

following your advice I tried to insert an old Memory card into my eMate. 

I found two old Flash Card cards that I used with my old MP 120. But when I insert both in the eMate I always get the error message:

„Writing to this type of card is unsupported. This card will be mounted read only.“ Then there is a lock icon near „Flash Storage card“. 

I first thought that I had manually activated the „write protection“, but both card are unlocked.

Anything I can do to write on these cards? 



Am Mo, 17. Aug 2020, um 23:19, schrieb Sylvain Pilet:
> Fabrice,
> Do you have the possibility to have a memory card (PCMCIA) for eMate 
> available, and try to send the pkg's to the card. This would allow you 
> to check that it does not come from the internal memory space which 
> would not be able to receive new packages. Or even better, to make a 
> full backup of your eMate, it is always better to have a backup.
> As a reminder, on Newton there are two different Reset, the first one, 
> which is a Soft Reset, with just one press on the Reset button. And the 
> second is a Hard Reset that will erase everything in your eMate's 
> memory. This is obtained by pressing the Reset button while you turn on 
> the Newton. A message appears asking for confirmation of the erasing. 
> This is what you do as a last resort, if of course you have made a 
> Backup, otherwise you lose everything, this second procedure cannot be 
> cancelled. 
> Personally, I would try to check the USB/Serial cable/adapter first. 
> Then I'd try to clean the soups (but it's not easy if you can't install 
> a pkg (!)) 
> But the best would be to approach another Newton user, you could test 
> your eMate with his hardware or vice versa. I seem to remember that you 
> said you were in Germany, there are there the greatest Newton experts 
> :-) 
> Look on the Newton user map if you are next to another Newton fan: 
> http://applenewton.co.uk/worldwide-apple-newton-users-map/
> Or else, an old Mac enthusiast who would have a Mac with a working 
> serial port to test the communication between the two. With NCU (Newton 
> Connexion Utility). It can also work with an old PC under Windows which 
> would have a serial port. You will find NCU on the UNNA 
> http://www.unna.org/view.php?/apple/connection_utils
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