[NTLK] Problem with connecting my eMate to my Mac

Fabrice Braun newton at fabricebraun.de
Tue Aug 18 14:33:29 EDT 2020

Hi Simon,

I tried to perform a reset without extensions, but I don’t seem to be able to hit the right spot on the screen to make it work. I tried it several times according to those instructions, but it never worked:

„to perform a reset with extensions off, hit the reset button, on the back of the Newton and then flip the Newton over so the screen is facing you, as for normal usage. Immediately hold the pen down halfway down the left edge of the screen, about a centimeter from the casing, down the screen. Keep holding the pen there, and soon a dialog box will appear (…)“

Where is „halfway down the left edge of the screen, about a centimeter from the casing“ supposed to be? 

Should these instructions also work on the eMate?



Am Mo, 17. Aug 2020, um 22:16, schrieb Simon Bell via NewtonTalk:
> Okay Fabrice
> The log ends with
>   <— dres -10021
> which is the Newton error code for “Communications problem (message 
> timed out)” and then the Newton end drops the connection.
> I’m still puzzled.
> As has been suggested, you could try a reset with extensions off - see 
> <http://old.chuma.org/newton/faq/newton-faq-nos.html#IIIB2c>, “Reset 
> With Extensions Off” to prevent any package interference.
> Good luck!
> Simon
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