[NTLK] Problem with connecting my eMate to my Mac

Fabrice Braun newton at fabricebraun.de
Mon Aug 17 15:36:36 EDT 2020

Hi Simon,

thanks a lot for helping me, NCX is a great program. Here is the full log, I don’t find any helpful things in it, but I don’t know a lot about the newton.



Am Mo, 17. Aug 2020, um 21:01, schrieb Simon Bell via NewtonTalk:
> Hi Fabrice
> I’m puzzled by the symptoms you describe, but I’m thinking it must be a 
> low memory issue on your eMate.
> You might be able to gather more information by enabling logging in 
> Newton Connection > Preferences > Advanced. You need to quit and 
> relaunch Newton Connection before trying package installation again. 
> You can check the log yourself (its filepath is on the Preferences 
> pane), it’s just a text file, or send it to me for analysis. If we get 
> lucky it might report a Newton error.
> Simon
> > On Aug 15, 2020, at 12:54 PM, Fabrice Braun <f at fabricebraun.de> wrote:
> > 
> > I connect my eMate with a serial cable, which is connected to an Ugreen USB-to-serial adapter, to my iMac (Mac OS Mojave, 10.14.6). I'm using NCX (3.0.2.) to access the eMate.
> > 
> > This basically works, I have managed to install Serial 115200 on the eMate to increase the transfer speed. But since that time, I strangely enough can't transfer anything to the eMate anymore. The eMate shows up in NCX and I can take screenshots and a make a backup, but when I want to install apps on the eMate there is a problem: The transfer starts, but when the loading bar is about a third of the way up, it always stops. This means that I can't install any more software. There is enough memory on the eMate (more than 500 KB) and I tried different transfer speeds, but nothing helps.
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