[NTLK] restart/reset button Was: testing testing

B kosmicdollop at saber.net
Sun Aug 16 05:02:59 EDT 2020

It’s just like restarting a desktop: Just “reboots," doesn’t change any memories: called “soup(s)” in Newton-speak: includes both apps and data.

You may have noticed you don’t have to issue any SAVE commands:

Each time a word or other bit of data is created on the screen, it is in permanent memory – until changed by the user.

The manual reset button is because Newt OS tends to get a hankering for scrambled eggs now and then, whence you have to sort of treat it like the mule that won’t budge until you "get its attention” via a smart whack of a 2-by-4 to the head.

Fortunately, Newtie is far more responsive, gets the message with comparatively minuscule force applied to the reset button.

Fabrice Braun expressed hesitation in reponding to:
>> Have you attempted to reset the eMate by pressing the small recessed button on the underside ?
> No as I'm afraid that everything will be wiped of the device except for the included apps? Or am I wrong and this won't affect the installed apps?

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