[NTLK] Problem with connecting my eMate to my Mac

Fabrice Braun newton at fabricebraun.de
Sun Aug 16 04:35:49 EDT 2020

Salut Sylvian,

yes I tried the standard work flow. I tried it again yesterday and to my suprise I managed to install the NCX Toolkit, which I hadn't installed yet (hadn't noticed), but everything else failed again. Btw: I can't take screenshot wie NCX, I get the message "not enough memory" on my eMate. 

Could that by part of the problem?

Have a great Sunday 


Am Sa, 15. Aug 2020, um 22:43, schrieb Sylvain Pilet:
> Salut Fabrice,
> Have you tried standard Newton flow?
> In NCX 32800 (Default) and on the Newton in Dock you select "Serial ».
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