[NTLK] disable nightly power-up?

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sun Sep 27 11:23:51 EDT 2015

It is not possible to disable this.  Nor would you want to.  Todo's are
rolled over to the next day and other system tasks are taken care of at
the 3AM wakeup.  It doesn't last long, only a minute if that and shuts
right off after.  I never saw a significant drain from the nightly
wakeup.  In fact one set of AA batteries last my newtons a month or more
with alarms going off etc.  Should last two if I didn't use alarms.

The only problem might be if it gets "stuck" while doing the 3am tasks.
 I only had this happen once and I have had Newtons since 1995. :)

Battery life is amazing with a Newton, and I just wish modern tablets
could get something similar.  With a modern tablet you are lucky to get
a day or two before needing a recharge.  With heavy use my Newt's last a
week.  *sighs*  Ah well we can dream....


On 9/24/2015 5:18 AM, Steffen Bendix wrote:
> Is it possible to disable Newton’s nightly power-up at 3 a.m.? It unnecessarily drains the battery.
> Steffen

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