[NTLK] Daily Digest Subscriber - Am I the first to see the iPen and the obvious Newton connection?

Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 12:09:10 EDT 2015

"always liked the idea of the Jot Pro but was afraid the plastic disc would scratch the screen) that I like but nothing with the precision I want.”

I would like to put in a good word here for the Adonit Jot line of styluses, which I use on my iPad a lot for writing in cursive. I haven’t noticed any scratches on the screen–I think the Gorilla glass on newer devices is much stronger than the Newt’s. If anyone is interested, the Adonit for me was a really excellent choice because of the clear plastic disc. It allows me to see my writing as the “ink” goes down, which I find is important because the surface is so much smoother than paper that I can’t write by feel. 

I would really recommend the MyScript keyboard for any iDevice, since the HWR is actually better for cursive than my Newt was. 

As an aside, wouldn’t it be great if someone marketed a black case for the iPhone Plus or other devices, which had a little Apple logo and a flip-up screen protector? Maybe print “MessagePad” on the bottom right and have the Newton logo?” Plus a place to stash a stylus. Sounds like major copyright infringement, but I would buy one.

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