[NTLK] Daily Digest Subscriber - Am I the first to see the iPen and the obvious Newton connection?

Dennis Swaney romad at mac.com
Wed Sep 9 20:51:49 EDT 2015

I watched the event and was waiting to see if HWR was mentioned in regards
to the Pencil, but I did not see it. Also, the Pencil will work ONLY with
the iPad Pro, not with the new iPad Mini 4 or the regular iPad.

Dennis B. Swaney

"I think, therefore I Mac"

On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 4:56 PM, LLoyd A. Conway <doc_retro at juno.com> wrote:

> Greetings, Everyone:
>       By now everyone has probably seen the Apple news about-the iPen.
> Like all of you, no doubt, I see it as vindication of Newtonian pen
> computing. One story even mentioned the Newt. No disrespect to the late
> Steve Jobs but I am happy to see this technology vindicated.
>      I send these greetings to you via stylus in put on my Fujitsu
> Lifebook and look forward to someday testing this exciting new development.
> Regards,
>  Lloyd Conway
>  Charlotte, Michigan
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