[NTLK] Need (Hardware) Internet Bridge Solution

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Fri Sep 4 15:54:33 EDT 2015

> Has anyone used a Raspberry Pi to make a kind of "transfer 
> box" or something similar?

The problem is that the Newton OS isn't file-based, but soup-based. Almost
all data on a Newton, be it notes, dates, todos etc., is stored in soups.
Soups are usually accessible by all Newton apps, which is really elegant
since I could, for example, access your address book from within my
application without having to worry about format or where to find the file.

I wouldn't help you to transfer a soup, even if you found a program that
will do this for you. No device except a Newton would be able to make head
or tail of it.

You'd need a converter program either on the sending or the receiving end
that parses the soup and turns its content into something file-based. That's
what happens when you use the Newton Connection Utilities (NCU) to import a
document from your Newton into your desktop computer. Such a converter could
of course be written, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Soups are reasonably
well documented in the Newton programmers' documentation, but over time
people have found this documentation to be inaccurate or wrong at times.
Everything that has to do with communication is documented but poorly.



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