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> "Out of curiosity, would my Classic currently running system 8 run ProDOS
> Š²
Oh dear, no. At one point (early 90s) there was an Apple II card for the
> Mac, which would allow one to run ProDOS programs on the Mac.
> ProDOS was written for the the 8-bit WDC 65C02 CPU chip of the Apple II. One
> could run ProDOS on the Apple IIGS because it ran a 16-bit WDC 65816 chip, an
> upgrade of the 65C02. Neither code were compatible with the 68000 of the Mac
> Classic, thus the Apple II card.

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Ah!  Thanks for the explanation.  Looks to me like I was a million miles
away from ever using it.

The early history of Macs is more interesting and intricate than I imagined.



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