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Tue Jun 9 19:01:54 EDT 2015

~~~ On 2015/06/09 17:16, Bradley Mattice at bradwart at gmail.com wrote ~~~

> Double ahem; Mac OS 9.2 forever. :)

With you on this; I got to 9.2.2 on my Pismo (IMO the best laptop structure
design EVER, in the whole history of laptops), and thought I'd died and gone
to heaven.  I ended up waiting until Panther (10.3) before I could bear to
move to OSX.  

As for this:  

~~~ On 2015/06/09 17:34, Dennis Swaney at romad at mac.com wrote ~~~

>  ProDOS 8 forever. ;)

I wonder, Dennis, did you ever get the chance to try DR-DOS?  I was on
DR-DOS before I finally moved to Mac, and I was astonished how much better
it was than duh-MS-DOS.   I think if I'd been Bill Gates, by the time DR-DOS
5 came out I'd have been tempted to give up on Microsoft's operating system
and just buy in Digital Research's, and once DR-DOS 6 came out, it would've
been time to retire.  The memory management in DR-DOS alone was some kind of
sorcery, and taking all the rest of it into account, it made a MS-DOS
machine feel like something badly programmed by a 6-year-old.

OTOH, I never had the chance to try ProDOS, so I was wondering if you'd used
both and if so, how you'd compare it with DR-DOS?



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