[NTLK] Newton Dongle

Andrei Chichak newton at chichak.ca
Tue Jun 9 14:10:16 EDT 2015

You’re basically screwed. The interconnect plug piece is not available, so there is no aftermarket. Early production 2Ks came with dongles and cables, but in the later devices they were left out, so there SHOULD be a bunch sitting in drawers. But I suspect a lot of them are sitting in the landfill at the Palm Pilot and cassette deck level.

Efforts have been made (and are ongoing) to use the internal connector for some sort of port, but the user base is too small to do anything that would recoup one’s costs, even if a group was to agree on what they would want it to do. Plus they would have to be willing to take the back off of their 15 year old piece of history, then there is the software pieces to write.


> On 2015-June-09, at 11:55 AM, Michael Sheflin <sheflinm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Where do people get dongles (for the 2000/2100) to convert the Newton
> Interconnect port to ADB?  The one on eBay is almost $50 which is pricey to
> my taste.  Does anyone still sell them regularly online or were they never
> really mass-produced?
> Michael
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