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Q: Can somebody help me find an original datasheet for the Digital Ocean

Jane P.

On Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 2:45 AM, Vladislav Korotnev <vladkorotnev at gmail.com>

> Hello list
> This is a lot off topic, but still it's kinda related to old tech.
> I'm wondering if anybody here is still using open reel recorders and can
> give advice to a beginner, regarding making proper records and storing them
> :)
> In particular, what brands of not-so-expensive tapes are fairly decent for
> music?
> I tried Scotch, that does record nice. ConcerTape is a pain to clean off
> the tape path, so I am wiping it and use the base to make neat thin leader
> tape. Most of the soviet SVEMA went bad up to this day, it squeals after
> 10-15 minutes of playback after being taken from the refrigerator.
> I haven't tried Irish Brand yet, because when I got it (btw, it was in a
> wrong box, labeled Shamrock on the box but Irish Brand on the reel itself),
> it turned out to have someone's family recordings from circa 1969-1972. I
> was surprised to hear someone speak russian on the tape that was sent to me
> from the UK. The original seller doesn't know where he got that tape from.
> Currently I am about to digitise the recording and then try recording over
> the original maybe. The digital one will be in my archives, though I'm not
> sure of how to find the original owner of the recording. Maybe I could send
> a link to the list so list members from the UK could check if they know
> anybody speaking on the recording?
> BTW, if you have some reels taking up precious space, I will gladly accept
> them. I will make a digital copy and send it to you as well. Just email me
> off-list :)
> Thanks a lot
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