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Vladislav Korotnev vladkorotnev at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 03:45:34 EDT 2015

Hello list

This is a lot off topic, but still it's kinda related to old tech.

I'm wondering if anybody here is still using open reel recorders and can give advice to a beginner, regarding making proper records and storing them :)

In particular, what brands of not-so-expensive tapes are fairly decent for music?
I tried Scotch, that does record nice. ConcerTape is a pain to clean off the tape path, so I am wiping it and use the base to make neat thin leader tape. Most of the soviet SVEMA went bad up to this day, it squeals after 10-15 minutes of playback after being taken from the refrigerator.

I haven't tried Irish Brand yet, because when I got it (btw, it was in a wrong box, labeled Shamrock on the box but Irish Brand on the reel itself), it turned out to have someone's family recordings from circa 1969-1972. I was surprised to hear someone speak russian on the tape that was sent to me from the UK. The original seller doesn't know where he got that tape from.
Currently I am about to digitise the recording and then try recording over the original maybe. The digital one will be in my archives, though I'm not sure of how to find the original owner of the recording. Maybe I could send a link to the list so list members from the UK could check if they know anybody speaking on the recording? 

BTW, if you have some reels taking up precious space, I will gladly accept them. I will make a digital copy and send it to you as well. Just email me off-list :)

Thanks a lot

~ Vladislav Korotnevhttp://software.vladkorotnev.me/
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