[NTLK] FreeKey and FreeCard adaptors

Helmut Fischer h_fischer at gmx.de
Fri Feb 27 13:21:44 EST 2015

Hi all,

it seems ages ago that I somehow formed part of the Newton community, but it's only about 15 years that I moved along from an MP120/NOS 1.3 to an MP2100 ;-)

I then moved to Palms and later to iPhones, but I always kept a working Newton in a glass case and switched it on every once in a while. And my electronic address book still has some entries which were made on a Newton and migrated from device to device.

Recently I obtained a bundle of Newton items from Ebay, and surprisingly it contained an OMNISYS "FreeKey" adapter, of which I had never heard. It is described nicely here: <http://www.pda-soft.de/freekey.html>. The adaptor works - I can connect a Mac ADB keyboard and type - on NOS 2.x devices this works even without a driver.

The adaptor also has a slot for smartcards, which seems to require the "FreeCard" driver. Does anyone know how this adaptor works and where to get the driver? There was also a standalone version of this adaptor by OMNISYS, presented here: <http://www.loxos.de/freekey/FREETOP.HTM#FreeCard>.

Thanks and greetings, Helmut (Germany)

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