[NTLK] Japanese on an eMate 300

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Sun Feb 22 00:45:56 EST 2015

> I had a version of the Enfour kit but it only ran on NOS 2.0.
Ah, darn. Still, it might come in handy one day, so I wouldn't mind if 
you sent me a copy. Do you remember how you came upon it? Perhaps I can 
find/purchase the 2.1 version in the same way.

> [...] the free suite of Tapbar apps by T Murai or Basuke, I forget 
> which.

> [...] Tapbar. I thought it was called "henkan tapbar", but a google 
> search
> for those terms turned up nothing.
Armed with that information, I spent a few hours scavenging the WWW for 
anything related to that, and managed to find something. Apparently, 
Yosuke "Basuke" Suzuki wrote TapBar itself:

Then, it seems that Tomoyoshi Murai wrote some plug-ins for TapBar:

Unfortunately, it seems that The Internet Archive wasn't able to archive 
the page with the plug-ins (although it's amazing they even have so much 
archived to begin with!)

Despite that, I continued browsing his site and managed to come upon the 
aforementioned 'Henkan TapBar'!


Unfortunately, the download link there also doesn't work. :(

Reading up on his page detailing how to enter text with the Henkan 
TapBar modules though, the method it uses to convert the romaji to 
kana/kanji is too slow in my opinion. Having to select all the text you 
want converted to kana/kanji first, as opposed to it being converted 
automatically as you type, as is normally the case, leaves much to be 
desired. So I continued searching the Web for an alternative, and found 
the typical setup Japanese users of the Newton line used to enter and 
read Japanese text:


The setup consists of:
- NLK (only its font, ignoring the rest of the software since 
apparently, it slows down the Newton/eMate quite a bit, as detailed by 
You Taniguchi in this document:
(note: if your browser's default text encoding is not set to Shift JIS, 
you will have to change the text encoding manually [Safari: View -> Text 
Encoding, Firefox: View -> Character Encoding, etc.] in order to be able 
to read the text properly since the server hosting the site is not 
specifying a character encoding in its Content-Type response header 
(which it should!), leaving the browser to guess at what the encoding 
could be.))

- Gothic Everywhere!

- Heaven or Hell
(to suppress -10061 errors)

- HeapMagic (can't seem to find)

- UniFEP Pro
(which I just saw here:
...can't believe I missed out on this!)

Anyway, that's how far I managed to get; let me know if you have any 

> I can check after work if I still
> have the software if you need.
Yes please! I'd appreciate anything you have!

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