[NTLK] Newton <--> Mac cable

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Sun Feb 15 16:59:40 EST 2015

(I apologize in advance — I accidentally sent the message that follows 
through an e-mail address not subscribed to the mailing list… trying 

> I'm perfectly willing to ship the cable to anywhere in
> this galaxy, provided a delivery chain starting in
> Germany has been established :-)

Actually, when I said "but even if it's still possible to get it, I 
doubt that they'll want to ship it all the way to North America!", I was 
referring to the Newton "KOREDAKE" CD-ROM I had linked to just above 
that. :P


In any case, I appreciate the offer! Unfortunately, I don't have any 
Macs that are old enough to have any Mini-DIN-8 ports on them. I do 
already have a Keyspan USA-19HS Serial to USB Adapter, which takes a 
DE-9 connector though, which means I'd actually be looking for the 
Windows version of the Newton Connection Kit.

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