[NTLK] Sync between emate 300 and MP2100

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sun Feb 15 10:57:42 EST 2015

On 2/10/2015 5:37 PM, Sébastien Baedis wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a question:
> Is it possible to sort of "syncronize" an Emate and an 2100?
> The point is: I love my Emate to write short stories on it an to keep my calendar up because of the big screen, but I need also my 2100 because of its little size.
> I could propably take a Flash Card an save all information on there, but I couldn't find a flash card who is truly Emate compatible ( I have several and some were sold as compatible but aren't ).
> It would be perfect if there was any software who could sync infos using an serial cable, but I doubt this exists.
> Sadly I can't connect my Emate to my MacBook, just the 2100 over the Ser-001, but I'd love it mo be able to make backups of my texts etc.
> Best regards,
> Sebastien

Ok first off yes it is very possible.  You can backup to a card with
either the built in system or a better package such as
SBM is useful to have regardless but the backup tools alone make it

After backing up to a card you can restore to the other device, and
selectively restore.  Only the names, and notes soup for example and not
packages.  Or just certain packages and nothing else.  SBM allows for
this, but the built in backup only has a all or nothing for packages.
For backup though you can choose what you back up and what you restore.

For true "sync" yes and no.  It is better on the mac but I don't know
the details.  There is a Mac app that will enable this but I don't
recall the name offhand.  I am not a mac user, but it is a program used
by many here on the list.  Ahh found it NCX and this may help
http://mattgemmell.com/connecting-newton-devices-to-os-x/  there is
another website for NCX too found it

There are other options, manual sync is always possible by beaming or
backup/restore.  Another optin is X-port, which is my personal fav, but
can get tricky with other apps.  But works great with the built in apps.
 Of course this is manual as I said, you are exporting the files you
want to move over/update to the other device by either transferring to
the desktop then reimporting to the other device or by doing a
backup/restore.  For a true sync your best is NCX.  And you will need a
USB adapter for your emate.  Kingston is the brand I have, others may
chime in what the current/best model is.  I bought mine a while ago and
works well on Windows.  I know they use to work well on Mac too, but I
do not know if that is currently true or if there is a better type.

Oh for info on the cards check out
http://www.mac3.de/sig/newton/memory_cards.html it is a old site but
gives you an idea what cards will work in the emate.  Roughly it needs
5v for reading and writing.  Just make sure the card can do that and it
should work.  There are a few models listed on the site to give you a
idea of what to look for.  Intel value series 100 or 2+ work well.  I
have sevral of these.  But there are many pretec cards that also work
well.  Again just make sure of the voltage before you buy one.

Also I think Frank still has a few cards for sale to list members.  I
also purchased one of these a while back.


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