[NTLK] Japanese on an eMate 300

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Sun Feb 15 06:19:51 EST 2015

A friend recently gave me their eMate 300 (already washer-reinforced and 
even the battery tray has been replaced with one supporting standard AA 
batteries)! I’ve been getting used to the idiosyncrasies of Newton OS 
and I have to say I’m quite liking it.

I’d like to use this eMate to take notes in my Japanese class, 
however, Newton OS doesn’t seem to support Japanese out of the box. 
I’ve searched around on the Web and found that there are packages for 
Newton OS adding support for Japanese input (including handwriting 
recognition) as well as Japanese fonts.

http://cs.gmu.edu/~sean/projects/newton/Radicals/ (bottom of page)

The packages by Enfour seem to be the most complete and polished, 
however, I see no way to purchase them from the website. In their 
Support section, they actually do have links to download those same 
packages for adding Japanese support to Newton OS here:

but from what I understand, they are just updates and probably require 
the full versions on the CDs to install (I could be completely wrong 
about this though due to my lack of knowledge about Newton OS—does 
Newton OS have support for updating packages already installed like 
I’m suggesting to begin with?). At the very least though, it seems the 
NLK package may not require the packages on the CD (at least, that’s 
what I gather with my limited Japanese ability), and all the other 
packages listed there do list the NLK package as a dependency, but I 
have no way to attempt to install it at the moment since I don’t yet 
have the required serial cable to connect the eMate to my Mac.
(I tried installing the NLK package in the Einstein emulator as a test, 
but I get the following error during installation: 

I’ll probably have to buy the cable anyway, but it’s quite expensive 
right now, so I was hoping someone here could attempt to install the NLK 
package linked above on their actual Newton device and let me know if it 
installed without issue before I go ahead with purchasing the cable. 
Also, if those packages linked there really aren’t full versions and 
require the CD, then does anyone know where I can get it? I have 
searched around and found things like this:

but even if it’s still possible to get it, I doubt that they’ll want 
to ship it all the way to North America!

In any case, thanks in advance!

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