[NTLK] Sync between emate 300 and MP2100

Sébastien Baedis maci2012 at icloud.com
Tue Feb 10 17:37:36 EST 2015


I have a question:
Is it possible to sort of "syncronize" an Emate and an 2100?
The point is: I love my Emate to write short stories on it an to keep my calendar up because of the big screen, but I need also my 2100 because of its little size.

I could propably take a Flash Card an save all information on there, but I couldn't find a flash card who is truly Emate compatible ( I have several and some were sold as compatible but aren't ).

It would be perfect if there was any software who could sync infos using an serial cable, but I doubt this exists.

Sadly I can't connect my Emate to my MacBook, just the 2100 over the Ser-001, but I'd love it mo be able to make backups of my texts etc.

Best regards,


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