[NTLK] Newton Mp2x00 Extract the ROM, request for help

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Mon Feb 9 17:35:54 EST 2015

> On Feb 6, 2015, at 11:05 AM, Sylvain Pilet <sylvain at pilet.net> wrote:
> - When Schlumberger electronic components are present in the Watson, ROM says:
> Version ROM F2.1 (F1-037)-1
> - When the electronic components Schlumberger are NOT present in the Watson, the SAME ROM says:
> Version ROM 2.2.00-0

Could it be that there is yet another ROM with the electronics? NewtonOS allows for ROM Extensions. Thise are basically up to three additional ROMs that can overwrite resourcs in the original ROM. Apple did that so that they can make a single masked ROM, and licensees can simply add and replace whatever they need. 

Masked ROMs back then were quite expensive, but Flash RAM even more so. Which may also explain why earlier Schlumbergers maybe have Flash memory with the ROM flashed into them, and later, after the ROM code stabilized, got memory cards with masked ROM chips.

Once we can run custom software, we can write an app that enumerates the ROM Extensions and their location in memory.

> Matthias,
> This may perhaps interest you, there are two physically very different versions of the Watson ROM, I would send pictures in the first place ...

Sure. Sounds great. I don't want to ruin any original Flash cards, but I should still mention that my hardware could modify the contents of those cards... .

Thanks for keeping us posted!


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