[NTLK] Designing an Internal WiFi Board for MP2x00

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Mon Feb 2 18:42:26 EST 2015

> On Feb 2, 2015, at 11:13 PM, Jake Bordens <jake at allaboutjake.com> wrote:
> So I've been slowly working towards a PCB design for an internal wifi 
> board. 

This is fantastic!

I am not an EE, so this is just some spontaneous blurp of what comes to my mind.

I believe that the serial port runs a CMOS level which can go up to 5V. Make sure that your module can take 5V at the input. Also, you may need a 3V-to-CMOS converter on the outputs.

I highly recommend that you build a breadboard version first, but then again, I am quite sure that you did ;-).


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