[NTLK] Newton meeting

John Heinrichs minicapt1 at mac.com
Mon Feb 2 03:42:48 EST 2015

Stanford Newton’s User Group
… from Feb 2010:
"The Stanford Newton User Group will hold it's February meeting on the  
16th at 7 PM before the iPhone User Group.

Printer's Inc. Café
320 S. California Avenue
Palo Alto

For more information, go to the Stanford Newton User Group home page,http://pobox.com/~snug <http://pobox.com/~snug> “

… or: sirizaac at gmail.com

 minicapt1 at mac.com

> On 02 Feb 15, at 0:37, Greg Goodwin <drclu at swbell.net> wrote:
> I remember there was a Newton club meeting that we would get notifications for from time to time.  And I suggested a live stream of the meeting.
> If you still have those meetings and would like to try a live stream we are doing that for the local Amiga club so could give some pointers.
> I would love to join a virtual Newton meeting.  :D
> Greg
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