[NTLK] My problem with the stability of the Internet connection and with NPDS server

Grant Hutchinson grant at splorp.com
Mon Aug 31 16:27:48 EDT 2015

On 2015-08-28, at 4:15 PM, Paweł Piotrowski wrote:

>> Yeah, it's more likely the NPDS server. You mentioned that you've
>> turned off NPDS Watcher because it was causing problems for you, but
>> it's usually necessary to reboot NPDS and/or your Newton when you lose
>> your connection.
> OK. It seems that the fault was the LAN card. I have used 3CXE589ET (is
> in the list of working with Newton). I changed it to 3c589D-TP. Now NPDS
> working properly. Testing in progress ;)
>> I'm not actually running NPDS at this time, but maybe Grant, Ron, or
>> the others running NPDS servers right now have suggestions.

My NPDS server is offline for the moment (my office is currently relocated to another room that doesn't have a dedicated ethernet drop).

However, I've had a very successful run using a Farallon Ethernet Card (16-0095-000 Rev. B) and an Etherwave dongle using a static IP and NPDS Watcher. Yes, every couple of days the whole thing stops accepting connections, but Watcher does a great job of rebooting the system when needed.


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