[NTLK] PT100 Registration

Hugo Courtial courtial.143 at openmailbox.org
Sun Aug 30 16:50:45 EDT 2015

I recommanded that to avoid bothering Sanjay if he's busy with other
things and dropped support (which could be logical if it would be
abandonware). I fully support what he did for the Newton. Don't want to
look like an evil pirate :(

> We try to cut the developers some slack and work on their timelines
> (let's face it, this platform is a labour of love for all of us). We
> greatly appreciate our Newton developers (current & former) and try to
> support them however we can. Sanjay was kind enough to release license
> codes for YAZI (Yet Another Z Interpreter; another Scrawlsoft title) a
> few years ago.

Hugo Courtial
<courtial.143 at openmailbox.org>
<hugo at courtial.me>

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