[NTLK] My problem with the stability of the Internet connection and with NPDS server

Paweł Piotrowski newton at indigi.co.uk
Fri Aug 28 10:35:39 EDT 2015

Hi Guys!

For several days I struggle with the correct NPDS server configuration. Newton was cleaned and installed the latest versions of the NPDS server files. The server connects to the Internet, the tracker is working properly, but after some time the connection is broken. Then the problems begin. I can not properly establish a new connection. My guess is that the problem makes NIE 2.0. I have installed the basic module (without the patch.) Can you help me? Or maybe you know about some tips and tricks?

My hardware configuration:

Newton 2100
Newton OS ROM 2.1 with patch 711000
LAN card: Megahertz 3CXE589ET (XJack)- working on Megahertz 589E drivers
Latest NPDS files (without NPDS Watcher - I turn it of - it always make problems)


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