[NTLK] OT - Off Topic - Looking for people who can tell me what some Chinese Android Apps are for

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Aug 25 19:45:28 EDT 2015

Hi folks,

since this post is almost off-topic, please do not reply to the list, but

The smartphone I am using for the Android development of Einstein is a
Chinese one. The latest Android version 4.1.2 that Samsung provides is
severely outdated and comes with a couple of Chinese apps of which I don't
even know what they do and which I cannot delete. One of them is sending me
notifications all the time, Since I do not speak Chinese, I haven't a clue
what I am notified of. Not that this did matter in the least, as far as I
can tell...

This is why I rooted this beast yesterday. This puts me in the position to
delete apps that I wasn't able to delete before and (hopefully) find a ROM
file with a newer Android version that I could try to install. However, I'd
rather not delete anything of which I don't know what it is for. This is why
I am looking for someone who speaks Chinese and can tell me what these apps
do. We are talking about less than 10 apps here, so this won't probably take
very long for a native Chinese speaker. I'd send you a pdf with the apps'
icons and their Chinese names and would be happy if you could give me a clue
what they are for.



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