[NTLK] NewtonTalk Digest, Vol 20, Issue 7

Hugo Courtial courtial.143 at openmailbox.org
Tue Aug 25 12:34:01 EDT 2015

> Hi Hugo.  I wasn't not really thinking of selling the stuff.  When I offered
> them I was thinking in terms either of display shells (for a museum-type
> display) or of a somewhat demanding electronics project.  Most of it isn't
> really in good enough operating condition to justify asking for money (other
> than inland shipping if a pickup was impossible).   It's just a couple of
> this model, or three of that model, and so on.  I've been holding onto these
> things because I always intended to find the time to salvage and recombine
> components and see if I could end up with two or three fully working
> computers.  For all I know it's a load of duds by now.

Funny enough, I have a similar problem with a lot of stuff I own...

> Considering the condition of the equipment and the amount of work to get it
> back to working condition, it's probably not worth shipping to France.

Is it *that* badly damaged? If it's *easily* (understand: no
professional skills) fixable, that is still interesting.

Thanks a lot,

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