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Wayne Masek waynemasek at rocketmail.com
Sat Aug 22 20:05:15 EDT 2015

Hi Christian,
I am in Canada so shipping is definitely a no no.
Thanks much,

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> Hi Grant,
> I'm in the process of collecting The MacIntosh series of computers from those
> good Ole vintage days. Have you any insight of where I can get them, other
> than Ebay?
> Thanks,
> W.


Are you in the UK?  If so, I might have some items you could have depending
on which things you're looking for.  Otherwise the shipping probably isn't
worth it.  



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³I had to go back and transcribe all of my
speech notes from my Newton, which is what
I usually use for giving speeches from,
because I wasn¹t sure I was going to be
able to read it in this light, so I had to
transcribe the notes onto paper. Unfortunately,
my Newton is better at reading my handwriting
than I am. So, there may be a pause while I
try and decipher what I¹ve written.²

            -- Douglas Adams

(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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