[NTLK] Summertime Newton Update

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Fri Aug 21 01:54:12 EDT 2015

On Fri Aug 21 2015 03:14:45, iSpinn wrote:
> ​I just got some info from Matthias
> ​so I can work on getting
> Einstein ​
> ​up and running on some contemporary hardware. ​I'm considering a Note 3
> installation.
> So, I hopped on eBay, sorry, ebay, and grabbed an eMate to grab the ROM
> image, but Matthias tells me that the eMate ROM is different from the
> 2x00's. *sigh* He did say it should still work, though.

Well, you gained a beautiful little clam-shell computer that re-started the Apple revolution (at least design-wise)  ;-)

Even if it does not seem that way, I am working on Einstein time permitting. I understand how the task switching works, and I am trying to implement that in native code - time permitting.


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