[NTLK] Summertime Newton Update

iSpinn ispinn at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 21:14:45 EDT 2015

​I just got some info from Matthias
​so I can work on getting
Einstein ​
​up and running on some contemporary hardware. ​I'm considering a Note 3

So, I hopped on eBay, sorry, ebay, and grabbed an eMate to grab the ROM
image, but Matthias tells me that the eMate ROM is different from the
2x00's. *sigh* He did say it should still work, though.

*​*It seems so simple: grab a device, turn it on, and start using it
​--just like a pad of paper--yet I can't think of a single tablet currently
on the market that does this as easily as the Newt did and does.  ​

The post office just re-issued the inverted Jenny stamp, complete with the
inverted artwork, albeit it's a $2 stamp this time around.

I seem to remember a US car company re-issuing a current model with its old
styling from decades ago.

So, what's old *can* be made new again.

Barking up the same ol' tree: when will Tim Cook revive Newton or its

Best to everyone on the list,

*​Doug *

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