[NTLK] Asking for opinions on something I'm planning to do with my web site

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Fri Sep 28 19:24:21 EDT 2012

Hi gang,

over the last couple of years I've been working on providing a Spanish
translation of my web site. Since my knowledge of this language is
negligible, the translations I already have were made by helpful list
members. However, progess is slow. Come to think of it, it's almost
nonexistent. That's hardly surprising. Most of us have enough on our plate
already without adding Newton issues to the pile.

I've contemplated adding a Spanish icon (under "Please select your
language") to my start page


People who click on the Spanish icon would see the Spanish translation of
this page:


Additionally, this page would show a paragraph at the top that points out

- my knowledge of Spanish is negligible
- all the Spanish content currently available was made by unpaid volunteers
- there isn't all that much Spanish content yet
- links will bring the user to the English translation if no Spanish
translation is available
- I'm looking for native Spanish speakers who would be willing to translate
a page
- I do not have the means to pay for this, but I will gladly mention the
translator's name and homepage on the translated page

If you were urgently looking for Spanish info on product xyz and came across
such a site: Would you be annoyed? Annoyed because the start page allows you
to select a language although there is pathetically little content available
in this language?

Since Newton aficionados have forgiven me worse, let's assume that you don't
know this hypothetical site is maintained by yours truly.

Thanks for your comments


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