[NTLK] So... am I correct in deducing that, since iSync i...

Craig Burton RCCraigB at comcast.net
Wed Sep 26 20:36:11 EDT 2012

On Aug 30, 2012, at 3:05 AM, Simon Bell wrote:

> The impression I get from the occasional correspondent is that NCX does work on OS X Lion, but I can’t confirm that first-hand. All I can say is that the last release of NCX (v1.3 build 44, available at <http://newtonresearch.org/connection/>) does work on OS X Snow Leopard.
> I do know that the Backup Inspector fails to launch on OS X Lion unless you rename it BackupInspector (ie without a space in the name).

Simon, your note about the space character in the name of Backup Inspector was the solution for my NCX troubles after upgrading to Lion (which I'm seriously considering downgrading to 10.6).

The 'space' character in the name of the enclosing folder was the culprit.  I had installed NCX into a directory like this:

/Applications/NCX 1.3.44/NCX.app  (there is a space between 'X' and '1')

Upon launch from my hard drive NCX would fail, even though I could run NCX on the downloaded disk image, so there was something clearly wrong with the way that I installed it.

When I removed the space from the name of the enclosing folder, it worked as expected.

Thank you for this 'space' hint and especially for NCX!


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