[NTLK] [FS] 2100, 2000 and eMate plus more - lower price

Flemming Sorvin fsorvin at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 17:14:19 EDT 2012

My collection of newton stuff is still up for sale.

Here's the details:

- Newton MessagePad 2100. Perfectly functioning, no jaggies, broken  
doors, or PCMCIA problems. The case has been well worn and loved.  
There is a crack by the battery compartment, but it does not affect  
the case or holding the battery tray in. Has the 2010 fix installed.  
Comes with stylus.
- Newton MessagePad 2000. No upgrade on this unit, it's completely  
stock. No 2010 fix installed. No stylus. No jaggies. No screen cover  
or battery tray -- they migrated over to the 2100. The AC and dock  
port flip cover has a broken hinge on one side.
- eMate 300. Great condition. Comes with orange stylus. 2010 fix  
installed. Hinge repair done. Additional RAM so you don't run out of  
heap. As perfect as an eMate can get.
- Newton keyboard. All working and in great shape. Comes with case.
- 2100/2000 Newton dongle. For the keyboard and serial connections.
- 2100 charger.
- 4 AA Newton battery case.
- Etherlink III wired PCMCIA network card. Comes with cable.
- Orinoco Wavelan silver WiFi PCMCIA card.
- Pretec 32MB PCMCIA flash RAM storage card. Works without additional  
- Newton 1MB storage card. Works, but needs a new battery.
- Megahertz PCMCIA modem card.
- Newton serial cables.
- MessagePad 2000 box.
- DVDs/CDs of software, including the welcome to newton video, UNNA  
archive, PC drivers for the PICO card and more.

I've lowered the price to $100 for the whole lot or reasonable offer  
for pieces

Shipping from Victoria, BC, Canada.

Pictures here:



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