[NTLK] Einstein and Xcode 4, problems with Cocoa graphics calls, HELP NEEDED.

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Sat Sep 15 02:19:06 EDT 2012

Hi Steven. Great to hear from you. 

This is your call - you are the professional dev here :-). I keep my OS X and Xcode as current as a civilian can. I feel it is ok to expect developers to have the current IDE since it is free anyway. But does that also mean you cant *run* Einstein below 10.7?

The only big limitation that i see in the long run is that einstein must stay in 32 bit mode AFAIK.

Please go ahead.

Steven Frank <stevenfrank880 at gmail.com> schrieb:

>I just updated from Subversion to try it in Xcode 4.5 which was just
>released (GM) yesterday.  Builds and runs fine, but has some
>deprecation warnings, because the 10.6 SDK is no longer included.
>Matthias, if you want, I can check in fixes for these warnings (I
>fixed them locally), but it will mean the minimum system requirement
>for Mac OS X jumps to 10.7.
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