[NTLK] FS/FA: Ultimate Newton 2100 System with Extras (Plus Dongle)

Christopher gawley christopher.gawley at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 09:57:35 EDT 2012

> Hello all,
> I currently am selling one of my best Newton 2100 packages on ebay; details below.
> This one is a clean and usable unit.
> Check it out if you are interested:

AWESOME Newton 2100 Package!!!

This is the ULTIMATE package for Newton enthusiasts, collectors or people
new to the Newton.  Have used this model carefully -- have used it wirelessly!

Included in this auction are:

1 fully functioning Newton 2100 (original 2100, not an upgraded 2000)
Mulitple Newton original Titanium Stylii
1 20 MB Flash memory card for the Newton
1 8 MB Flash Memory Care for New
1 Newton original dummy card
Silver WaveLAN Wireless Card
1 original Newton AA Battery Cage-Allows you to use four AA batteries
to power the Newton.
1 Professional Rebuilt Battery that works like new accepting charge
2 screen protectors
1 Newton Serial Cable
Dongle (VERY RARE)
Keyboard plus Keyboard Case
Newton Stickers (don't have the rainbow Apple ones any longer so
disregard photo)
Keyspan USB Connector -- that is right, connect to mac/pc via USB
Original Box and Manuals

The outer case of this Newton is really good -- quite good for its
age! The door cover for the Interconnect Port is intact, as well as
the flip-over screen cover.  The rest of the items are in great shape.
 With the battery cage, no need for charging or power chord -- simply
plug in batteries and you are ready to go!

The Newton MessagePad was the original PDA and the 2000 was among the
most advanced model.  It still functions superbly today and boasts a
number of features even modern units have struggled to improve on.
There are still thousands of Newton users worldwide who exchange tips,
views and more at www.newtontalk.net, and there is a large archive of
free to download software at www.unna.org

Paypal strongly preferred.  This is a fully functioning unit -- add
insurance to shipping if you'd like.

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